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The Simplest most predictable Straightwire Orthodontic system there is

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Auxiliary Staff $750.00
A$ 2395.00 Incl GST/Tax (10%)

Some things you will learn at the

Big 3

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See below for an interview with Dr Steve Galella

Park Hyatt Melbourne

Saturday 19th, Sunday 20th, Monday 21st

October 2019

NAOL have been in business for 25 years and over that time have been instrumental in bringing many high quality lecturers to Australia. This has provided the opportunity for the thousands of dentists who have participated in our programs to develop a better understanding of Orthodontics and more importantly Human Facial Growth and Development. The big 3 Symposium is in reality, the result of all these years of experience, we have put together a lecturer and subject program that we believe is unrivalled in the current dental education space.  Irrespective of your experience level in any of the disciplines covered, The Big 3 Solution Symposium will take you on a voyage of discovery across the full gamut of the biology of Human Facial Growth, unlock the mystery and help you connect the dots in managing TMJ problems and deliver a deep and practical insight into the diagnosis and management of Sleep Disorders. You will also learn how to correct and manage these issues in your patients through our exciting range of appliances and Orthodontic techniques. Ultimately it matters little if you start doing Orthodontics after this symposium or you never place a single bracket. The knowledge and understanding you gain will allow you to counsel, and manage your patients in a manner that you may have previously not considered possible.  The content and information shared over these 3 days will be professionally transformative and life changing for you patients. In short you will leave this symposium as a better dentist. 

Our Team of Educators
The Big 3 Solution Symposium
Where Great Minds Unite
Dr Crispen Simmons
Dr Stephen Deal 
   Professor Timothy Bromage  
 Dr Steve Galella  

Lectures. Networking. Workshops.

Facial Growth?

What's it really all about, the following is an article written by Dr Steve Galella.   

First Published in Australasian Dentist May/June 2019





3 full days of
cutting edge professionally life changing information



4 Quality Educators covering a wide range of subjects around a common theme



5 Star quality at one of the most prestigious venues in Melbourne, The Park Hyatt Hotel

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