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Meet our Educators

Dr Steve Galella b&w.jpg

Dr Galella has worked with Otolaryngologists and Reconstructive Surgeons assisting in trauma surgery on over 3,900 patients impacted by facial trauma.  Through the combination of performing surgeries, clinical work, and extensive literature reviews, he developed an innovative approach to orthodontic treatment and beauty enhancement.

One of the many things he is known for is his vast awareness of the professional literature regarding growth, enhancing facial beauty, airway, TMD, functional orthodontics, fixed treatment, pediatric, and adult treatment.  All of this information is freely shared during his lectures.

D.D.S., I.B.O Diplomate, International Board of Orthodontics Master Senior Instructor, I.A.O. Clinical Director.

The Facial Beauty Institute Director,

I.A.O. Instructors Institute President: Inside Dentistry, Inc

Honorary President: Asian-American Academy of Functional Orthodontics & TMJ

Dr Steve Galella, D.D.S., I.B.O.

Dr Timothy Bromage b&w.jpg

Professor Bromage directs the Hard Tissue Research Unit (HTRU), a mineralized tissue preparation and imaging technology development laboratory of the Department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics, NYUCD.  Minerlalized tissue biology with emphasis on its translation to environmental and evolutionary studies are key to many of Bromage's HTRU pursuits, which include microanatomical correlates of bone and tooth biomechanics, enamel and bone growth rate variability in respect to environmental perturbations, and skeletal disease research.

PhD, Biological Anthropology, University of Toronto 1986 MA, Biological Anthropology, University of Toronto 1980 BA, Anthropology, Biology, Geology, California State University, Sonoma 1978

Prof. Timothy Bromage, Phd

Dr Anne-Maree Cole b&w.jpg

Dr Anne-Maree Cole graduated in dentistry with Honours from the University of Queensland in 1982. In 2014 she completed a Masters Degree in Sleep Medicine from the University of Sydney.  In 2006 Anne-Maree establised a new practice in Brisbane limited to the treatment of patients with cranio-facial pain, TMD (temporo-mandibular disorder), obstructive sleep apnoea and sleep-disordered breathing and the prevention and treatment of these problems through various techniques including arch development and orthopaedic orthodontics, using a balanced physiologic approach.

Dr Anne-Maree Cole, B.DSc MScMed

(Sleep Medicine)

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